Both And (A Play About Laughing While Black)


Created & Performed by Carolyn Ratteray
Directed by Andi Chapman

Don’t miss this rare and extraordinary piece of theatre, conceived, written, and performed by Carolyn Ratteray.

Through clowning, poetic text, and a tour-de-force performance, the play deeply investigates the nucleus of Black joy. As her mother is dying, Teayanna finds herself in a netherworld between life and death, struggling to help her mother cross over. The journey reveals the wisdom of the ancestors, invokes the legacy of the Middle Passage, and unfolds the surprising secrets within her mother’s purse. This unique and powerful story, rich with humor, raw honesty, and passion, becomes a brilliant meditation on how to reconnect with joy.

Watch virtually on UScreen anytime between now and 11:59PM PT on June 14!

This production would not be possible without a generous grant from LANPP.


Jessica Moneá Evans – Stage Manager
Edward E. Haynes Jr – Scenic Design
Kevin Williams – Properties Design
Wendell Carmichael – Costume Design
Schmedake Lighting Design – Lighting Design
Shannon Barondeau – Projection Design
David B. Marling – Sound Design
John Ballinger – Composer
Michelle Matlock – Clown Consultant
Emilie Pascale Beck – Dramaturg

Jessica E. Williams – Assistant Director
Vivian Consuelo Juarez, Nicole Ross – Assistant Stage Managers
Kim Hamilton – Claymation
MJ Seiber – Video Editing
Indira Taylor – Movement Consultant
Kenny Werther – Public Relations
C. Raul Espinoza – Specialty Marketing
Peter Johns – Sound Operator
Frank Ishman – Production Photographer
Rob Heintz, Pete Sauber – Scenic Crew
Zaira Hernandez, Marygold Martinez, Maryjewelle Martinez, Eleanor Montecino, Angelene Storey – Scenic Artists
Christina Antolin, Derek Christiansen, Jennifer Gonzalez, Robbie Meredith – Electricians
Michelle Matlock – Clown Consultant
Will Block – COVID-19 Safety Manager
Frank Ishman – Production Photography
Jason Thompson | PXT Studio – Vidographer

The play will run 95 minutes, no intermission.


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