Boston Court is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is dedicated to creating and presenting works that are innovative, diverse, vital and adventurous in an intimate setting. Since our founding in 2003, we’ve produced dozens of plays and hundreds of concerts, including many world premiere plays and many debuts of new or reimagined musical works.

We delight in providing you innovative, thought-provoking art in a first-class, intimate venue, but ticket sales cover only 13% of our costs. It is only with donor support that our non-profit performing arts center (Tax ID #56-2390086) is able to achieve its mission and to create an experience you can’t find elsewhere in Southern California.

Please consider a donation today, and review our donor benefits to make the most of your Boston Court experience.

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We offer multiple levels of benefits. Those include recognition in programs for one year, early entry to performances and invitation to our annual dinner with the artistic directors.

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Contact our Development & Communications Manager, Kelly Whitaker, at kellyw@bostoncourtpasadena.org call_made or 626.773.3573.


We extend a sincere thanks to our amazing donors. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we rely on the generosity of our community to help make our performances and operations possible. To make a tax-deductible donation, volunteer time, or if you would like further information, visit BostonCourt.com or call Kelly Whitaker, Development Manager, at (626) 773-3573.

The following is a list of supporters who donated from January 1, 2017 – December 31, 2017

Z. Clark Branson

William & Sasha Anawalt
Walt & Zan Cochran-Bond
Tom Jacobson & Ramone Muñoz
Dr. Stephen Kanter
Robbin Kelley
Elaine Kramer & Al Latham
Robert Leventer & Jenna Blaustein
Sarah Lyding & Tom Megale
Greta & Peter Mandell
Jon Neustadter
Edward Rada
Michael A. Ruff
Eileen T’Kaye & David Bischoff

Lynn & Richard Bushman
Robert Floe
Sandy Greenstein
Debra Grieb & John Mickus
James King
Jim Rayton
Mark Saltzman & Walter Hubert
Casey Stangl & John Spokes

Elgart Aster & Paul Swerdlove
Joseph Carter
Kyle Clausen & Bethany Moritz
Max & Lindsay Darnell
The Beer-Dietz Family
Paul & Heather Haaga
Cork Hetherington & Lars Hansson
Maxine Jacobson
Roger W. Janeway
Mark Jordan & Terry Dutton
Harvey & Ellen Knell
Diana Leventer
Gary Matus & Dan Sheehan
Charles R. Owens & John Van Horn
Robert Sterling Richards
Jennifer & Matthew Rowland
Ron Scott
Raul C. Staggs
Betsey Tyler
Diane Kenney & DarEll T. Weist

Amy Aquino & Drew McCoy
Jill Barnes
Barbara Browning
Catherine Caplin
Martha Denzel
Suzanne & Robert Diller
Caleb & Doris Finch
Mrs. Connie Foster
Stuart McConnell & Rebecca Franko
Paula & Charles Goldsmid
Susan Gratch
Byron Gross & Ricky Tovim
Sharon Clark, PhD & Glenn Gruber
Robert David Hall
Patrick & Sylvia Holmes
Nicholas Hormann
Devon Jackson
Melody Kanschat
Joseph & Jacqueline Kirshbaum Memorial Fund
Mark A. Longo
Joanne Lyding
Gates McFadden
Lorelle & Ronald Moritz
Michael R. Oppenheim
Joe Regan
Stephen Henry & Rudy Oclaray

Lyssa & David Axeen
Bernard Beck
William Butler
Cynthia Comsky
Carl & Lynn Cooper
Abigail Deser & Charlie Siskel
Kerry & Olga English
James Freed
David & Susan Grether
Daniel C. Hoskins
Jeff Keane
Alan & Sheila Lamson
Sally Mosher
Ramone Munoz
Kenneth Roehrs & Sara McGah
Nick Salamone & Clay Storseth
Abby Sher
Therese Steinlauf
Katharine Stoever
Margaret & Guillermo Villarreal
Steven Warheit & Jean Christensen
Stephanie Snyder & Michael Warren

Peggy Akerson
Lawanda Allee
Robert & Brownie Allen
Dianne & Peter Antos
Ken & Kayoko Atchity
Michelle Azar
Emilie Beck
Barbara Bell
Susan Schwarz & Stuart Berton
Kathryn Bikle & Dan Weitekamp
Bill Biskup & Tony Adelman
June Carryl
Donald & Antoinette Chaput
Friedrich Claase
Rich & Kathy Clausen
Carol Ann Collins
Elsbeth Collins & James Greene
Christopher Conner
Gary & Mary Couey
Liza Seneca
David Dedlow
Maris & Sterling Delano
Thomas Elliott & Melanie Hermann Elliott
John Flynn & Ann Bronston
Gregory Franklin
Bonnie Friedericy
Nate Genung
Loretta Gonzales
Sara Gosschalk
Harry Groener & Dawn Didawick
Bill Grueneberg & Judy Clement
Nina Gutin
Thomas Hagerman
Rita & Steve Harwood
Perry & Sandra Helm
Dana Kelly, Jr.
Leonard Kelly-Young
Nancy Keystone
Nancy King & Carl Fischer
Jessica Kubzansky
Paul & Kitty Lazarus
Brian Levitz & Randy Murphy
Larry Lyons & Susan Miller
James Martin & Terrence Lynch
Patricia McClelland
Michael Michetti
Joan Mills
Loretta Mockler
Frank Mohler III
Kathy & Roger Nolan
Kristin Ockershauser-Dunn
Jean Owen
John Peavoy
John Pennington
Toshia Peters & Christian Lemay
Carole & Donald Roback
Steven Robman & Kathy Baker
Dale Sandlin
Marleen & Hugh Scheffy
Mary Ellen Schubel
Nayan Shah & Ken Foster
In honor of Helen Brown
Shaun Shimoda & Dian Kobayashi
Betty & Norri Sirri
L.P. Smith
John & Sheila Suarez
Dr. Stacey Sumner
Molly Underwood
Judith Vida-Spence
Connie & Bill Weinstock
Stanley & Laurie Whitcomb
Lyla White
Roberta Williams
Charity Wu

Priscilla Allen
Susan Auerbach & Bryan Langholz
Dana Lyn Baron
Jay Bevan
Evelyn & Chris Cornwell
Dolores Cruz
Deborah Dentler
Jonathan Edewards
Drs. Richard Z. & Marjorie Marks Fond
Christine M. Frederickson
Alan & Kathie Freeman
Katherine Gabel & Eunice Shatz
Ruth Gilliland & Arthur Reiman
Nancy Gronroos
Bernice Haber
Diana Hale
Claire & Doug Kiklowicz
Linda & Marty Klopert
Peter LeSourd & Margo Halsted
Marjorie Lott
Toni Marsnik
Matthew McCray
Philip McKinley
Joan Morris
Philip Nix
Laurel Prevetti
William Strickland
Willow Cabin Productions
Karen & Frank Van Der Baan
Jennifer Vanse Talluto
Ruth Wolman
Wendy Worthington

Actors’ Equity Foundation
The Amphion Foundation
The Sheri & Les Biller
Family Foundation
City of Pasadena Cultural Affairs Division
Colburn Foundation
Dramatists Guild Fund
Edgerton Foundation
Clarence E. Heller Charitable Foundation
The David Lee Foundation
Los Angeles County Arts Commission
Lazy L Foundation
The Music Man Foundation
Pasadena Art Alliance
The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation
The Harold & Mimi Steinberg Charitable Trust


To report a misspelling or omission, please contact jennys@bostoncourtpasadena.org call_made. If you’ve recently made a donation and your name is omitted, please know that your gift is deeply appreciated and you will be listed in the following quarter.

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The 4th Annual Z. Clark Branson Awards, Boston Court’s Gala will be held on Sunday, October 14 2018 at the beautiful University Club of Pasadena.
This annual event is an opportunity for music and theatre lovers alike to come together, support Boston Court, and celebrate 15 years of artistic excellence. Featuring a delicious dinner, drinks, and entertainment, all with a unique Boston Court twist, this year’s gala is sure to be an unforgettable evening; all for a good cause!


We will be honoring the incomparable Greta Johnson Mandell with the 4th Z. Clark Branson Award. This award is presented to a member of our community who has made a strong impact on the arts, and Greta’s passion and dedication to the arts. In addition, she has the distinct honor of being one of Boston Court’s first community supporters. Greta has been so special to the Boston Court family and we hope you will join us in celebrating her.

Sponsorship opportunities

This gala is a very meaningful way to support Boston Court and enjoy the event to the fullest extent, and we would be honored if you would consider sponsoring. Each sponsorship level includes seats to the event, multiple opportunities for recognition, and more!

• Sponsor: $5,000 (includes 20 seats)

• Co-Chair: $3,000 (includes 10 seats)

• Host: $1,500 (includes 6 seats)

• VIP: $500 (includes 2 seats)

To sponsor this event, click here, or call Kelly at 626-773-3573.

Tribute Ad Opportunities

Placing an ad in the gala program booklet is an easy and meaningful way to celebrate Greta and support Boston Court.

• Full Page: $1,000

• Half Page: $500

• Quarter Page: $250

To purchase a tribute ad, please click here, or call Kelly at 626-773-3573.


Individual seats are $200 each and will be available for purchase starting August 20th. Stay tuned!


Susan Bienkowski
Sheldon Epps
    Artistic Director
    Emeritus Pasadena Playhouse
Lena Kennedy
Marguerite Marsh
Lora Unger
Jonathan Veitch
    President of Occidental College

Susan Bienkowski
Elisabeth Clark
Jon Lee Keenan


Tom Jacobson & Ramone Muñoz
Michael Ruff