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Open Call: Monday, January 29th , 12-5PM and 6-8PM (Dinner break from 5PM-6PM)

The Body’s Midnight
by Tira Palmquist
A World Premiere

Director/Artistic Director (Boston Court Pasadena): Jessica Kubzansky
Artistic Director (IAMA Theatre Company): Stefanie Black
Playwright: Tira Palmquist
Casting Director: Julia Flores
Contract: AEA Los Angeles 99-seat Theatre Agreement. Actors are
paid $18.00 per hour. There is no pension and health under this
agreement. 36 hours of rehearsal maximum / one, and occasionally two
days off per week
Dates: First Rehearsal: 3/19 Tech Begins: 4/11-4/14 Previews:
4/18, 4/19. 4/20, 4/21, 4/25 and 4/26 Opening: 4/27 Closing:5/26
Possible Two Week Extension through June 9th

Open Call: Monday, January 29th , 12-5PM and 6-8PM (Dinner break from 5PM-6PM)

You do not need to be AEA to audition nor will AEA actors be given priority. It is first come-first served. Please come to Boston Court to sign up in the lobby to audition. You are also welcome to come to the lobby to sign up for a later time and come back. Doors to the lobby and the sign-up sheet open at 11:30AM.

Please bring a physical headshot and resume and prepare a one-minute contemporary monologue.

People at the Open Call will include Jessica Kubzansky, The Body’s Midnight Director and BCP Artistic Director, Margaret Shigeko Starbuck, Associate Artistic Director

Boston Court Pasadena
70 N. Mentor Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91106

Parking is located behind the building. The parking lot will open at 9am. There is also 1 and 2 hour street parking surrounding Boston Court. Please enter through the front of the building into the lobby.

No email or online submissions. No phone calls. Please email questions to: audition@bostoncourt.com

About the Play:
What does it mean to get lost in America? Anne and David are set to find out as they embark on the perfect American road trip. They have a map, an impressive list of sights to see, and an itinerary that should put them in St. Paul just in time for the birth of their first grandchild. But soon their perfect plan is derailed by a troubling diagnosis and the beautiful impermanence of the world around them. As Anne and David veer off of their intended path, they are forced to grapple with the unavoidably messy and breathtaking journey of their lives.


Boston Court Pasadena and IAMA Theatre Company are committed to casting diversely. Actors of all ethnicities are strongly encouraged to audition.

ANNE (Female) 55-ish: A writer. Fierce, independent, quick, witty– and stubborn. Passionate, curious, a woman who has prided herself on self-reliance and is resentful if she needs help from anybody. Attuned to the beauty and the peculiarity of the daily world, and eager to engage with all of it. THIS ROLE IS CAST. SEEKING UNDERSTUDY ONLY

DAVID (Male) 55-ish: Anne’s husband, an academic. Quick and witty and intellectual, with a sense of humor. A guy who feels deeply though he masks it, sometimes, with his clever banter. A man with a slow burn, eager to roll with the punches, but maybe not always as sanguine as he first appears. Prides himself on his relationship to maps. Passionate about his family.

CHORUS ONE (Female) 30s: Anne and David’s daughter Katie. A passionate, humorous young woman, somewhat volatile, possibly exacerbated by her advanced pregnancy. Her passion hides a tender, bruise- able heart. Plus: Windy, Ranger Candy, Ranger Wendy, Ranger Andy and Dr. Milner (the real version), plus other medically-adjacent voice-overs. Most of these characters have great capacity for calm, humor, passion, anger, volatility, and the ability to be far-seeing mystics.

CHORUS TWO (Male) 30s: Wolf (Katie’s partner) The calm to Katie’s passion, loving, humorous, and strong. Plus Franklin, all the Franklin analogues (Wilson and Grant) as well as Dr. …Milner? (the unreal version) Most of these characters have great capacity for calm, humor, passion, anger, volatility, and the ability to be far-seeing mystics.

Understudies: We will be casting understudies for all roles listed above.

Play Submissions

L.A. New Play Submissions – Open for submissions OCT 1st.

Boston Court Pasadena invites you to submit your scripts during our 2023 open submission window beginning on October 1st, 2023. Submission makes you eligible for consideration to be included in our 2024 Playwrights Group, 2024 New Play Reading Festival, and for future production consideration. The submission window will close on October 31st, 2023, at 11:59 PM.

Before submitting your play, we strongly suggest that you visit our website and research the work we do to determine if your script is an appropriate fit for our theater.  CLICK HERE to find more information about our production history.

Submission Guidelines

  • Playwrights must be current residents of the Greater Los Angeles area.
  • Full-length scripts only (70 min. or longer).
  • Plays must need no more than five actors (more roles are fine as long as they can be doubled).
  • We will only accept scripts that have not previously been submitted. No rewrites.
  • One submission per playwright. 
  • Accepting scripts only through Submittable. No snail mail or email.
  • Any submissions that do not adhere to these guidelines will not be read. 

What is a Boston Court Play?

We’re passionate about the heightened, the lyrical, the never-seen-before, the boundary-breaking. We’re drawn to art that excavates the depth of human existence or dances in and out of ineffable wonder. We fall for the imaginative, the impossible, the incandescent. We love the absurd. We swoon for the cerebral. We bow down to heartbreak and humor, especially when we don’t see them coming. Show us the magic of what’s real and the tangibility of what’s ethereal.

If you’re thinking about submitting a “kitchen sink” play, ask yourself: can the sink be personified? Should your unit set explode into an ocean of dreams? Will the audience come away wondering at the mysteries of humanity? If the answers are “yes,” we can’t wait to read your script.



Boston Court Pasadena houses and produces passionate, artist-driven theatre that challenges both artist and audience. Boston Court urges its artists to fearlessly and passionately pursue their unique voice and vision. Play selection encompasses a wide variety of genres (classics, musicals and world premieres, with a special emphasis on nurturing playwrights and new play development) which are inherently theatrical, textually rich, and visually arresting.

For any questions, please email us at literary@bostoncourtpasadena.org call_made

Music Submissions

If you’re interested in contacting us about submitting yourself, band, or composition for consideration please email at music@bostoncourtpasadena.org call_made. We can’t wait to hear it!

For any questions, please email us at music@bostoncourtpasadena.org call_made