Boston Court Pasadena in Pasadena, California seeks its next Executive Director to partner with Artistic Director Jessica Kubzansky in leading a company that American Theatre magazine described as a “small but powerful theatre in Pasadena [that] has become a national new-play force.” This search is being led by Cynthia Fuhrman, VP of Executive Search, Tom O’Connor Consulting Group.

Please visit the website for Tom O’Connor Consulting Groupcall_made to find information on this position.

Play Submissions

L.A. New Play Submissions – Coming Back Fall 2023!

At Boston Court Pasadena, we have a specific artistic ethos:

We’re passionate about the heightened, the lyrical, the never-seen-before, the boundary-breaking.

We’re drawn to art that excavates the depth of human existence or dances in and out of ineffable wonder. We fall for the imaginative, the impossible, the incandescent.

We love the absurd. We swoon for the cerebral. We bow down to heartbreak and humor, especially when we don’t see them coming.

Show us the magic of what’s real and the tangibility of what’s ethereal.

If that sounds like you, please continue on to the following submission guidelines.

Without exception:

  • Playwright must be a resident of greater Los Angeles.
  • Play must be full-length (70 minutes or longer).
  • Play must need no more than 5 actors. (More roles must be able to be doubled.)
  • We will only accept scripts that have not previously been submitted. No rewrites.
  • 1 submission per playwright.
  • Accepting through Submittable only. No snail mail or email.
  • Any submissions that do not adhere to these guidelines will not be read.

We are particularly interested in reading historically underrepresented perspectives. These have many origins and definitions, and include race, ethnicity, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, socioeconomic status, geography, citizenship status, and/or religion.

Our submission window will be open for 4 weeks, or until we receive 100 scripts, whichever comes first.

We can’t wait to read what you’ve written!

Boston Court Pasadena houses and produces passionate, artist-driven theatre that challenges both artist and audience. Boston Court urges its artists to fearlessly and passionately pursue their unique voice and vision. Play selection encompasses a wide variety of genres (classics, musicals and world premieres, with a special emphasis on nurturing playwrights and new play development) which are inherently theatrical, textually rich, and visually arresting.

For any questions, please email us at literary@bostoncourtpasadena.org call_made

Music Submissions

If you’re interested in contacting us about submitting yourself, band, or composition for consideration please email at music@bostoncourtpasadena.org call_made. We can’t wait to hear it!

For any questions, please email us at music@bostoncourtpasadena.org call_made


A Playwrights’ Arena and Boston Court Pasadena Co-Production of
by Rosie Narasaki
directed by Margaret Shigeko Starbuck
casting director Raul Staggs

OPEN CALL: Monday, December 12th 2022 at Boston Court Pasadena
1PM – 8PM (dinner break from 5-6pm)

You do not need to be AEA to audition nor will AEA actors be given priority. It is first come-first served.  Please come to Boston Court to  sign up in the lobby to audition. You are also welcome to come to the lobby to sign up for a later time and come back. Doors to the lobby and the sign-up sheet open at 12:00 PM.

Masks are required indoors at Boston Court unless you are actively auditioning. 

Please bring a physical headshot and resume and prepare a one-minute contemporary monologue.

People at the Open Call will include Jessica Kubzansky, BCP Artistic Director, Margaret Shigeko Starbuck, Director, Raul Staggs, CD

Boston Court Pasadena
70 N. Mentor Ave.
Pasadena, CA  91106

Parking is located behind the building. There is also 1 and 2 hour street parking surrounding Boston Court.

No email or online submissions.  No phone calls.  Please email questions to: audition@bostoncourt.com

AEA Los Angeles 99-Seat Theatre Agreement

Actors will be paid as hourly employees at $18/hour.

First Rehearsal: 2/14/22
Tech: 3/9-3/12/22
Previews: 3/15-3/24/22
Opening: 3/25/22
Closing: 4/23/22
Possible Two Week Extension through May 6th

Rehearsal Schedule: Generally weeknights and one weekend day. One weekend day and Mondays off.

Performance Schedule: Generally, a four show week, some combination of Thursday through Saturday evenings, Sunday matinees, Monday evenings. Occasional Saturday matinee and five-show weeks are also possible.

11th century ladies-in-waiting Murasaki Shikibu and Sei Shonagon are, to this day, two of Japan’s most beloved writers. They also kind of hated each other. When Murasaki arrives at Empress Teishi’s court, she is immediately identified as a rival by Teishi’s BFF and top lady-in-waiting, Sei Shonagon. However, encouraged by Teishi’s infectious good humor, Murasaki and Sei form a tentative friendship, realizing they have more in common than they thought.  However the bond between the three women is tested when Michinaga, Teishi’s politically ambitious uncle, comes between them. This play is about friendship, heartbreak, and what it means to be a female artist. Perhaps most of all, it’s about how no matter how much things change, the more they stay the same… even after a thousand years.

Just over a thousand years ago in Heian-Kyo, aka Kyoto, aka the then-capital of Japan.

Note: Although this play is set in 1000CE Japan, the characters speak and have the vibe of contemporary women.

Although all the characters in this play are Japanese, we welcome submissions from actors who are of Asian American, East Asian, Southeast Asian, or of mixed race Asian American heritage. Although characters are listed as female or male we welcome submissions from actors who identify as non-binary, GNC, or gender fluid

MURASAKI SHIKIBU: (female, 20s-30s) A lonely, serious woman who likes to write because she doesn’t understand people. Socially awkward and incredibly intelligent, she is a newcomer to the Empress’s court of ladies in waiting, but already well-known for her writing. She is working on The Tale of Genji, now considered the first novel ever written and an iconic work of Japanese literature. Sei and Teishi are some of her first close female friends, but her relationship with Michinaga puts those friendships in jeopardy. 

SEI SHONAGON: (female, 30s) Loud, opinionated, competitive, irreverent and funny. And sexy. Hides her vulnerability with a sharp tongue. She is the Empress’s best friend and star Lady-in-Waiting, whose supremacy is threatened when Murasaki arrives at court. Sei is famed for her Pillow Book, a compilation of short musings, poems and essays about court life. She used to date Michinaga, but chose her friendship with Teishi over him. She might still carry a torch for him, but would never admit it. 

EMPRESS TEISHI: (female, 20s) She speaks almost exclusively in exclamation points because she’s unflaggingly cheerful and genuinely happy, but even she hides a loneliness at her core. Although she is in a position of power as the Emperor’s wife, she is not into formality and is best friends with Sei, and wants to become best friends with Murasaki. She is also our narrator throughout the play and helps us understand the intricacies of court politics.

MICHINAGA & ALL MEN: (male, late 30s) Pretentious and power-hungry, but dangerously charming and likable. He is trying to maneuver himself into essentially controlling the Emperor by being his top advisor, and in order to get there he needs to screw over Teishi by replacing her with his own daughter. He might be using and manipulating Sei and Murasaki into helping him with his political plans, but he also might genuinely be in love with them? We can’t tell at any given moment what his intentions are.