Boston Court creates and nurtures innovative, boundary-pushing art that invokes the power of collective imagination to illuminate our common humanity.


Expanding our capacity for empathy and change.


We’re passionate about the heightened, the lyrical, the never-seen-before, the boundary-breaking. We’re drawn to art that excavates the depth of human existence or dances in and out of ineffable wonder. We fall for the imaginative, the impossible, the incandescent. We love the absurd. We swoon for the cerebral. We bow down to heartbreak and humor, especially when we don’t see them coming. Show us the magic of what’s real and the tangibility of what’s ethereal.



We make boundary-breaking, never-before-seen art that you can’t find anywhere else in Southern California. We embrace out-of-the-box thinking, and seek to share deeply inventive and original creations that may redefine the form.


We lead with warmth, humor, and snacks*. We honor the unique, quirky individuality of all the people we have the privilege of being in community with. We want everyone to feel at home and creatively completely free to play.


We seek to create unexpected and meaningful connections between people and artforms. We want you to resonate deeply with a story totally different from your own, to feel empathy for someone you never thought you could, to meet new cultures and be intrigued with what you find there. We want to make art that builds bridges, and that demonstrates that art is for everyone, most especially you.


We believe that working together makes better communities and better art. We believe that everyone, no matter their positionality, has value and great ideas. We celebrate and lean into our differences because many perspectives are so much richer than a single perspective, and it results in vibrantly complex art.


We believe in the power of relationships inside and outside our walls. We believe arts institutions have an obligation to be essential civic partners. We strive to be a vital hub to our neighbors, and to build authentic and mutually meaningful partnerships.


We endeavor to be actively anti-racist and fight for change within our industry and our community. We will not tolerate discrimination, harassment, micro-aggressions, or any other form of oppressive behavior at our institution, and we will hold those who commit that behavior accountable. We will be proactive in ensuring all lived experiences are honored and celebrated, and if we fall short we will listen and adjust.

*Also tacos.