Boston Court is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (Tax ID 56-2300086 Theatre @ Boston Court) and is registered with both state and federal agencies. That means we don’t make money from our shows. Actually, only 13% of our costs are covered by ticket sales. (You can even look at our actual tax forms from previous years by clicking the links on the right of this screen!) The rest comes from grants and donors like YOU, who love what we do. Since our founding in 2003, we’ve produced dozens of plays and hundreds of concerts, including many world premiere plays and many debuts of new or reimagined musical works. And we fund it one donation at a time.

Please consider a donation today. While we treat all of our patrons like the valued guests they are, we have some extra recognition and benefits for our donors. You can check them out at the link below. Because once you donate, you’re not just a patron anymore. You’re part of the team, creating an experience you can’t find elsewhere in Southern California.

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And another benefit is that we will never sell or give away your contact information. We don’t even keep your payment information unless you opt-in to automatic payments. We’d love to celebrate your gift in recognition on our website, playbills and more, but you can always request to be anonymous as well, and even opt out of receiving emails or printed mailings. Just let us know how YOU want to be contacted by sending us an email.

All this and more helped our organization earn a 2022 Platinum Seal of Transparency! You can see our strategy, metrics, and achievements. Check out our updated #NonprofitProfile on Candidcall_made.

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If you would like to make a donation by check or donor advised funds, please send to

Boston Court Pasadena
P.O. Box 60187
Pasadena, CA 91116

Leave a gift to Boston Court in your will, and be a member of the Zebulon Society call_made

Details on how to donate stock to Boston Court found here call_made

Contact our Charitable Giving Manager at leadership@bostoncourtpasadena.org

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We extend a sincere thanks to our amazing donors. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we rely on the generosity of our community to help make our performances and operations possible. To make a tax-deductible donation, volunteer time, or if you would like further information, email leadership@bostoncourtpasadena.org.

The following is a list of supporters who donated from January 1, 2021 – March 31, 2021.

Z. Clark Branson

Small Business Association

David Lee Foundation
The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation
The Shubert Foundation

Z. Clark Branson Foundation
State of California
Los Angeles County Department of Arts & Culture

Los Angeles New Play Project
Chris & MaryAnne Werner

Liza Michele Beres
Colburn Foundation
Fishman Family Foundation
Sandy Greenstein
Tom Jacobson & Ramone Munoz
Robbin Kelley
James King
Robert Leventer & Jenna Blaustein
Omidyar Network Fund
City of Pasadena Cultural Affairs
Pasadena Community Foundation
Rotary Club of Pasadena
Ed Rada
Eileen T’Kaye & David Bischoff

William & Sasha Anawalt
The Sheri & Les Biller Family Foundation
Patti Eisenberg
Jerry Kohl
Sarah Lyding & Tom Megale
Greta Johnson Mandell
Jon Neustadter in honor of Tom Jacobson
Play On Shakespeare
Jim Rayton
Michael Ruff
Jan & Carl Siechert

Amy Aquino & Drew McCoy
Lynn & Richard Bushman
Caplin Foundation
Joseph Carter
Walter & Suzanne Cochran-Bond
Martha M. Denzel
Suzanne & Robert Diller
Loren Escandon
Kristine Fujita
KC Gleason
Jered Gold
Paul & Heather Haaga
The RWJ Charitable Fund
Mark Jordan & Terry Dutton
Rebecca Lewis
Gail Lopes
Allan Mohrman
The Music Man Foundation
Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts
Jennifer & Matthew Rowland
Stephen D Henry, Rudy Oclaray
Nick Salamone
Michael Seel
Clay Storseth
John Van Horn & Ray Owens
Steven Warheit & Jean Christensen

Anonymous (2)
Wendy Anderson
Ann Marie Bedtke & Marc Moraes
Lori Dutcher
Paula & Charles Goldsmid
Glenn Gruber & Sharon Clark
Greg Julian
Actors’ Equity Foundation
Judith & Joseph Rizzo
Timothy & Jeanne Sakata Patterson
George & Carolyn Seitz
Nayan Shah & Ken Foster

Anonymous (3)
Emilie Pascale Beck & Jack Arky
Joni & Miles Benickes
Susan Schwarz & Stuart Berton
William Butler
Maris Delano
Caleb & Doris Finch
James Freed
Bruce Goodrich
Patrick & Sylvia Holmes
Margie Lindbeck
Dean Murphy & Laura Kubzansky
Katherine Nolan
Michael Oppenheim
John Quintus
Ellen Rothenberg
Hugh & Marleen Scheffy
Therese Steinlauf
Stanley & Laurie Whitcomb

Anonymous (8)
Jamie Angell
Peter & Dianne Antos
Susan Auerbach & Bryan Langholz
Lyssa & David Axeen
Barry Bach
Jason Barabba
Nancy Baxter
Charities Aid Foundation America
Paula Cizmar & Daniel Cariaga
Kyle Clausen & Bethany Moritz
Cynthia Comsky
Andrea & Martin Doyle
Ernest Duarte
Ann Bronston & John Flynn
Marlene Forte
Eric Frank
Kathie & Alan Freeman
Olga Garay-English
Harry Groener
Jessica Hanna
Phillip Hawkey & Dena Spanos-Hawkey
Nicholas Hormann
Ann & Christine Horton
Daniel Hoskins
Shelby Jiggetts-Tivony
Nan Johnson in honor of Miranda Haddad-Johnson
Jen Kays
Molly Kazimiroff
Dana Kelly
Leonard Kelly-Young
Nancy Keystone
Paul & Kelley Lazarus Family Foundation
Heidi Lesemann
Mark A. Longo
Phyllis Mael
Nicholas & Constance Dalton-Pawle
Myron Meisel
Robert Menna & Josann McGibbon
Allen Michel & Kathleen Rogers
Loretta Mockler
Lisa Mount
Katie Locke O’Brien
Glenn Orton & Linda Brown
Toshia Peters & Christian Lemay
Jan Raithel
Bianca Richards
Steven Robman & Kathy Baker
Rachel Scandling
Mary Ellen Schubel
Shaun & Dian Shimoda-Kobayashi in memory of Tammy Kobayashi
Arnold Siegel & Susan Futterman
Nadya Starr & Bob Williams
Stephen Unwin
Karen & Frank Van Der Baan
Margaret Villarreal
Bill & Connie Weinstock
Dorothy Whitham
Ruth Wolman
Steven Youra
Diane Zaepfel

Anonymous (17)
Stephen Apostolina
Rhoads Stephenson
Barbara Bell
Fans of Zoom Escape Room
Karen Chiella
Grace Cohen
Don Cummings & Adam Waring
Ellen Dean & Thomas Starbuck
Martha Demson
Sylvie Drake
Phyllis Epling
Melissa Ficociello
Sandra Fink
Barry Glassner
Lawrence Gordon & Leda Siskind
Gary Grossman
Doris Haims
Silvia Heubach
T. Higashi
Tony & Melody Hou
Andrew Hungerford
Jeffrey Ingram
Paula Kaplan
Josh & Tammy Lo
Patricia McClelland
Philip McKinley
Damaris Montalvo-Mead
Network For Good
Ana Rose & Grant O’Halloran
Grant & Ana Rose O’Halloran
Hilda & Max Perlitsch
Judy Philips
Moby Pomerance
Laural Prevetti & Bob Hawn
Megan Raitano
Annabelle Rea
Kimani Silva
Judith Klingbeil
John & Juliana Sloan
Christopher Smith
Jenny Cohn
Angie Sutton
Joel Swetow
Michael Toman
John Toth
Vivian Tran
Alfred Valencia
Julia Wang
Suzanne Weiss
Sharon Weldy


To report a misspelling or omission, please contact our Charitable Giving Manager at leadership@bostoncourtpasadena.org. If you’ve recently made a donation and your name is omitted, please know that your gift is deeply appreciated and you will be listed in the following quarter.

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