We extend sincere thanks to our amazing donors! As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we rely on the generosity of our community to help make our performances and operations possible.

To make a tax-deductible donation, volunteer time, or if you would like further information, email Tarlisha Johnson-Lee at tarlishaj@bostoncourtpasadena.orgcall_made.

The following is a list of supporters who donated from January 1, 2023 – December 31, 2023.

Z. Clark Branson

Small Business Association

David Lee Foundation
The Shubert Foundation
The Z Clark Branson Foundation

Chris & MaryAnne Werner
Los Angeles New Play Project

Anonymous (2)
City of Pasadena Cultural Affairs
David Lee
Edward Rada
Fishman Family Foundation
Robert Leventer & Jenna Blaustein
Walter & Suzanne Cochran-Bond

Lynn and Richard Bushman
Caplin Foundation
Tom Jacobson & Ramone Muñoz
Bill Kennedy
Damaris Montalvo
Jim Rayton
Michael A. Ruff
Raul Staggs
The Sheri and Les Biller Family Foundation
Myra Joy Veluz

William & Sasha Anawalt
Max Darnell
Paul & Heather Haaga
Mark Jordan
Diane Kenney
Gail Lopes
Sarah Lyding & Tom Megale
Greta Johnson Mandell
Jennifer & Matthew Rowland
Anthony Segall
Carl & Jan Siechert
Steven Warheit & Jean Christensen

Actors’ Equity Foundation
Glenn Gruber
Greg Julian
Lawanda Allee
Patrick and Sylvia Holmes
Paula & Barry Litt
Susan Mohrman
Timothy & Jeanne Sakata Patterson

Anonymous (2)
Brian Baker
Bruce Goodrich
Caleb and Doris Finch
Carole & Donald Roback
Cheryl & Mike Rizzo
Doug Green
James Freed
John Quintus
KB Schwarzenbach
Kyle Clausen & Bethany Moritz
Laura Kubzansky
Margaret Villarreal
Marleen and Hugh Scheffy
Michael Oppenheim
Miranda Johnson-Haddad
Myron Meisel
Nayan Shah & Ken Foster
Paula and Charles Goldsmid
Rodney Bolton
Stanley and Laurie Whitcomb
Therese Steinlauf
William Butler

Anonymous (6)
Alan and Kathie Freeman
Amanda McBroom & George Ball
Ann Horton
Barry Bach
Bill and Connie Weinstock
Charities Aid Foundation America
Christopher John Smith
Cordelia & Sidney Sherland
Cynthia Pearson
Damaris Montalvo-Mead
Dana Kelly Jr.
David and Alison Axeen
Diane Kenney
Ellen Rothenberg
Glenn Orton & Linda Brown
Harry Groener
Henry & Bobbie Moon
Jamie Angell
John Goodman & Pauline Merry
Jonathan Nichols-Navarro and Adriana Sevan
Katherine Nolan
Kathleen Crandall
Katie Locke O’Brien
Kristin Melfi
L.P. Smith, Mark Robson
Laurel Prevetti
Loretta Mockler
Maris Delano
Maury McIntyre
Michele DeRosa and Mark Strunin
Michelle Pfister
Mike and Wendy Anderson
Mireya Hepner
Nadya Starr and Bob Williams
Nan Johnson in honor of Miranda Haddad-Johnson
Nancy Keystone
Nancy Pine
Nate Genung
Olga Garay-English
Ruth Wolman
Shaun and Diah Shimoda-Kobayashi
Stephen & Melanie Rockwell
Susan Auerbach & Bryan Langholz
Wendy Worthington
Willow Cabin Productions

Anonymous (15)
Andrew Hungerford
Carolyn Kelley
Daniel Hoskins
Don Cummings & Adam Waring
Elaine Wilson
Gary and Sandee Grossman
Grace Cohen
Gwen Strong
Hannah MacLaren
Jeff Marlow
Kathi ODonohue
Martha Demson
Max Brennan
Michael D. Toman
Michael Toman
Nicholas and Constance Dalton-Pawle
Paula Cizmar
Paula Kaplan
Robert Menna
Scotty Farris
Stephanie Kerley Schwartz
T. Higashi
William Alves



To report a misspelling or omission, please contact our Development Manager, Tarlisha Johnson-Lee, at tarlishaj@bostoncourtpasadena.orgcall_made. If you’ve recently made a donation and your name is omitted, please know that your gift is deeply appreciated and you will be listed in the following quarter.

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