Though Boston Court is primarily known for bold and adventurous music and theatre, visual art has long been a manifestation of our mission. We seek to extend the themes of the performances into our lobby, where our rotating visual art exhibits often comment on those themes, and also explore the role of visual arts in a performing arts setting.

Stephanie Sherwood is an artist and curator living in Los Angeles. Her curatorial projects have been on view at the Torrance Art Museum, Durden and Ray, Finishing Concepts, LTAC Studio and Angels Gate Cultural Center among others. Her artwork has been shown internationally and in the United States, including the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, LA Artcore, The Brand Library and Art Center and DAC Gallery. Sherwood’s work and curatorial projects have been included in several publications including Artillery, Art and Cake, ArtHabens Contemporary Art Review, LA Weekly, Murze Magazine and Voyage LA.

ArtUpfront is made possible through generous support of Z. Clark Branson.


Visit our Archive call_made for past exhibits.

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